The best sing-a-long movies

24 February 2021 ❤ 3
The best sing-a-long movies

We all love to watch movies and we all love to sing (even if it is secretly) so here are the best movies to watch if you feel like following a plot and singing:

  • Pitch Perfect 1

  • Pitch Perfect 2

  • Pitch Perfect 3

These films are fun a full of action, they follow a group of university acapella singers, and it is pure comedy and pure laughs. The choice of music will make anyone sing-a-long.

  • Marry Poppins

This is a Disney Classic, the songs are known by anyone, and if you havent watched it yet, get on your couch and buy or resent a copy, you wont regret it.

  • Grease

A true modern-day Classic, this movie is fun and vibrant, it is a musical with many catchy songs.

  • Mamma Mia 1

  • Mamma Mia 2

These songs are based on the ABBA song Mamma Mia, and they incorporate all the other songs too! They are fun movies to watch with the whole family

  • Any Disney Film

Disney is known for making amazing songs, which all end up going down in history, no matter what movie it os we are sure you will not only enjoy it but you will also get a good sing-a-long too

By I. Bey

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