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Rumours are that Apple is set to announce AirPods 3 on May 18

16 May 2021 ❤ 6
Rumours are that Apple is set to announce AirPods 3 on May 18

The new rumour is allegedly saying that this exclusive news with be announced on May 18, it is thought that Apple plans on releasing the next generation (generation three) Apple AirPods, it is also thought that Apple Music HiFi will debut.

Back in 2019 the tech giant Apple released information about their all-new AirPod Pros via a website, so this rumour seems plausible, although the rumour should be taken with an air of sophistication.

The new AirPods are thought to be in line with the AirPod pros which already have noise cancellation. The AirPods will also be seen as a refresh, and Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo has said that AirPods will start mass production in the latter quarter of this year, 2021.

Alongside the AirPod announcement it is thought that Apple will also announce the new HiFi or High Fidelity Apple Music tier, this will bring Apple Music listeners to an all new quality of streaming in the coming weeks. The new package will cost 9.99 the same as the current Apple Music package.

By I. Bey

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