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Facts about Jewelry

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Facts about Jewelry

Jewels and other decorative items are old as the human race itself.
Diamonds were first discovered in India, over 2400 years ago.
The tradition of giving fiance engagement ring was introduced by Maximilian of Austria in 1477.
75% of American brides receive an engagement ring made out from gold and diamonds
Types of Jewellery:
Antique Jewellery.
Bead Jewellery.
Bridal Jewellery.
Fashion Jewellery.
Filigree Jewellery.
Handmade Jewellery.
Kundan Jewellery.

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My wife loves wearing these Jhumkas, she keeps ordering it online from Asia

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Jewelry or jewelry consists of decorative items worn for personal adornments, such as brooches, rings. Women love to wear them.

By Hawk, 09 Oct 20