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30 September 2020 ❤ 0

There are so many diverse humans around the globe with different backgrounds, religion, cultures, and beliefs. But one thing that keeps everyone motivated for sure is Faith. But what faith is?

Faith is to have assurance, firm belief in some supernatural power. Whenever life puts you down it is your faith in God that pushes you to come back with even stronger force. Most people associate the term Faith only with God. However, it is a very diverse concept. You can also have faith in your children and most importantly yourself.

Remember the phrase said by most of the people? Have faith, keep going. The quotation comforts a lot of people. Just because you know that someone is taking care of you and He is supreme and He certainly has a plan for you.

This is what faith is. No matter how much weight life puts on you. You keep yourself going with a huge amount of faith in your heart.

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