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Review of Samsung A51

30 November 2020 ❤ 0
Review of Samsung A51

Samsung always comes up with high-quality technology and affordable prices. Let's check about the specs of the most hyped phone of theirs which are obviously the Samsung A51:

It claims that you can enjoy the best screen experience with a 6.5 FHD widescreen display which is eventually powered by the AMOLED technology for the best experience.
It has an amazing back rhythmical pattern which maximizes the beauty and elegance of this piece. It comes in beautiful neutral and pastel colors which look amazing as the colors fade away into one another. The phone is available in the colors black, blue, white, and pink.
It has four cameras at the back. The first one is the depth camera which is 5 MP. Then comes the main camera which is 48 megapixels, and then we have an ultrawide and macro camera which is 12 MP and 5 MP respectively.

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they produces the best phones

Samsung had been producing one of the best phone in the would with the best screen resolution and best features as well

By alen, 29 Jan 21

yes you are right

you are right, i need to buy another on for my personal use.

By george, 15 Jan 21