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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 up for pre - order

06 August 2021 ❤ 4
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 up for pre - order

In June of 2021, the Samsung Tab S7 went up for sale along with its lite version. But now the 5G version of the tablet, as well as the Wi-Fi version of the tablet are available for pre - order.

The 5G version will be up for sale at $669.99, whilst the much loved Wi-Fi version is now up for pre - order at $529.99.

This is also the first time Samsung will be releasing a Fan Edition of the much loved Galaxy Tab series of tablets; this means you will be able to get the much loved and wanted Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ for a cheaper price, making it all the more easier to get your hands on one.

The fan edition will not only be cheaper for the same tablet but it will also offer a longer battery life, as well as a low latency S-pen. The tablet is good for school and work, as well as leisure activities too. The S-pen allows the buyer to take quick notes and control the tablet with new cool features.

By I. Bey

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they produces the best phones

Samsung had been producing one of the best phone in the would with the best screen resolution and best features as well

By alen, 29 Jan 21

yes you are right

you are right, i need to buy another on for my personal use.

By george, 15 Jan 21