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The future of AI - `Deep Nostalgia`

01 March 2021 ❤ 5
The future of AI - `Deep Nostalgia`

Deep Nostalgia is an AI-powered service that will animate photos from the past and the present and essentially bring them to life, this service has become very popular on Twitter over the weekend. Many people have been trying to create the creepiest ai powered photo possible, whilst others are just reminiscing over their past loved ones.

The AI service is offered by the company MyHeritage, which is a genealogy company, that helps to track down relatives, and that can tell you about your family tree, both past and present. The AI service, Deep Nostalgia, can take photos from any camera and bring them to life using pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements. Its primary purpose is to add some life into those old photos of loved ones that have passed away and are no longer with us, it is a really heartwarming function.

In order to use the AI service Deep Nostalgia, you must create a free MyHeritage account on their website and then you can upload a photo from your phone, computer or your tablet, the photo is then automated and the site will enhance the image before animating it and creating a GIF. If you are worried about any personal photos being released the site states that it does not give the photos to any third parties and it says that whatever photos that are uploaded will be deleted if signup is not completed, which means no one can access these photos.

The AI service can only animat headshots of a singular person, and can only animate faces and not full bodies (but we are sure in the future there will be an AI service out there that will be able to), on the website you can upload 5 images for free, after that, you must register for a paid account, and pay for anymore animated photos. Overall this function is something of the future and amazing.

By I. Bey

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