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E-sports is very different from physical sports. In physical soccer players need two different teams to play against each other on the physical location and with physical movements as well. But in E-sports you can easily play sitting on your couch, bed, or chair, E-sports soccer doesnt require physical location or any of your physical activity. But now with the help of technology E-sports is taking its player to the world of virtual reality which requires physical activities as well. These e-players players do not require any active users on the internet, they could easily play with the computer by setting the difficulty level for them. Physical or traditional games require stamina, power, and presence of mind but on the other hand, E-player only needs his presence of mind while playing.

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Sachin is the legend of the world, and im sure that his son would be as great as him

By raina, 28 Jan 21

soccer is love

I had been playing soccer for straight 5 years. The more I play the more interesting it gets.

By lara, 26 Jan 21


I have been playing fantasy football for ages, but i don't like watching NFL.

By shela, 19 Jan 21


Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness.

By Nimi, 18 Jan 21