Why soccer is loved all over the world

14 January 2021 ❤ 0
Why soccer is loved all over the world

In old day when people used to ask their kids what they will prefer to be in the future they used to reply with doctor, engineer, dentist, businessman etc. but now if you ask now a days generation what they want to be they would be replying with I want to be a soccer player. Some of these people arnt event allowed to be soccer player because their parents have different thinking patterns.

The best answer we could get form anyone who loves soccer is its the dedication, commitment, enthusiasm which drives them crazy. Not only eleven players are playing the game but whole nation is playing the match, people align their soul with their country and their team, even it is a league match, they start supporting the team which is having most of their favorite soccer players. And this makes soccer the best game of the world.

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