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The Worlds First Outer Space Hotel

02 March 2021 ❤ 4
The Worlds First Outer Space Hotel

The level of technology has increased dramatically over the past 100 years, equally the space game has progressed massively leading up to one of the biggest revolutions known to humankind so far! This will be the announcement for the world first ever Outer Space Hotel, the hotel will be made by the inspirational group Orbital Assembly. The company which is now in its 5th year has made plans to build the Voyager Station in the Earth's orbit by 2025, and they are assured that the daring interstellar hideaway will be ready and operational for everyone by 2027, which will be a groundbreaking breakthrough.

The out of this world hotel will have singular individual pods attached to a rotating wheel, with tubes connecting the wheel together forming an X shape, on the wheel's axis. The hotel will be dressed with everything imaginable; a number of themed restaurants, a health spa, a cinema, a number of gyms, concert venues, libraries and of course many earth viewing rooms, with bars and rooms that are fit to house 400 people. The ship will also be fitted with Crew Quarters, air, water and much-needed power. The construction of this jaw-dropping phenomenon will start by 2025 and will be operational by 2027.

The Orbital Assembly is also trying to find stockholders, looking to use the space station as a training centre. The hotel will circle the earth every 90 minutes, and people on board will also be able to buy their own private villa for the duration of their stay. Overall the space station will be a groundbreaking work of art and will show how much the world and the human race has progressed. We are all excited for the unveiling of this extraterrestrial creation, and we cannot wait to stay in this amazing resort, filling up all of our sci-fi dreams.

By I. Bey

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