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Standard Poodle Dog

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Standard Poodle Dog

Standard Poodle Dog
Poodle dogs are the oldest dogs. There are only three poodle dog sizes left. Its origin is still unknown. Some say its origin is France and according to some people its origin is Germany. Lets have a look at some of these characteristic features of poodle dog;
Its height is 45-60 cm
Lifespan varies from 12-15 years
Its scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris
Most of the people ask this question about standard poodle dog that if they are good or not, note this point that only standard poodle dogs are the best dogs for families they make a good pet. Further, its toys are loved by children.
Like another dog breed that has long fur on their body sheds a lot. While standard poodle dog doesnt shed a lot. So, no grooming is required. Only try to brush its hair once or twice a week.,that%20they%20come%20from%20Germany.

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Animals are our companions, our workers, our eyes and ears, and our food. They appear in ancient cave paintings, and on modern commercial farms.

By Jiya, 18 Jan 21

Pray that i get one

I wish i really had a dog. my parents are allergic to dogs. :(

By keli, 18 Jan 21


This pet is very loving and affectionate.

By Wooly, 10 Oct 20

Pet Lover!

I love to have a pet, here I found the one that I love to have. Thank you for providing such information.

By Isabell, 05 Oct 20